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2023-06-05| Categories: views, info, design


No visitor tracking

Although this is only mildly intrusive to our privacy, there is no good reason and several bad ones, to do it. Personally, I am ideologically opposed to monitoring visitor stats and will not be adding any type of monitoring widgets here or taking any other action to monitor the traffic of this website. It is sufficient for me if even one person finds this website useful.


This version is build with Hugo and is a combination of two excellent templates, the Timer by Themefisher and the Academic by George Cushen. Both are amazing templates, the Academic is a well-established one for researchers and the Timer is just gordeous looking. However, neither was exactly what I wanted and I realised that I needed something in between, so I tried to combine them. With very limited time at my disposal and no working knowledge of javascript or css, I cobbled things together and the result is either the best from both worlds or a monstrosity. In any case, I will follow up with seperate post explaining more about how I combined the two templates and sharing the resulting one.

date posted:
Jun 5, 2023
views, info, design

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